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Hair Loss Medication

Hair loss can be a very big problem for most people. It seems like a person's self esteem is somewhat directly related to his crowning glory. The term "bad hair day," for example, originated from a description of a day filled with a series of unfortunate events beginning with a hairstyle that can't seem to be fixed in the way we want it to appear. What more when we won't have any hair to arrange?

Such is the predicament of 39% of the population suffering from massive hair loss. Most of these people are males. The causes for hair loss actually vary. Some were just cursed with genes that trigger Alopecia. Others are subjected to too much stress that result in hair loss. A few have acquired ailments that cause the death of the hair follicles.

Regardless of the reasons for their hair loss, these people are always on the lookout for hair loss medication that would help them cope up with what they are forced to endure.

Fortunately, unlike the days of yore, there are a number of hair loss medication options available in the market today. These are perfect choices for people who wish to reinvigorate their scalp and enjoy healthy-looking hair.

Propecia is probably the most popular hair loss medication out there. It was the first one which was approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). Propecia contains Finasteride that aims to balance out the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level in the body. DHT is known to cause the hibernation of hair follicles once its level becomes too high.

Minoxidil is another popular choice. It works in two ways. First, Minoxidil relieves hypertension, thus lowering the occurrence of stress. Stress, as we have mentioned earlier, is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Second, Minoxidil has properties that help open up the potassium channels in the body. Potassium is known to stimulate hair growth.

Tricomin is an alternative hair loss medication. It is not a drug, which makes it very different from the previous two choices. Rather, it is a herbal substance that contains copper and uses the same to regenerate the hair follicles from the hair's optimal growth.

The best hair loss treatment, however, can be derived from the maxim "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure." Hair loss is often caused by poor hair care. Watching your diet, limiting the chemicals used on your hair, and cleaning it properly and regularly would keep your scalp healthy, and you may even find no need to resort to hair loss cures.

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