Hair Loss in Women

Published on 09.12.2021 in Hair Loss

There was a pop star in the early nineties named Sinead O’Connor. People remember her more for her bald head rather than her songs. This is not a knock on her singing prowess; however, it’s just that her visual appearance was more prominent than her hit songs. For many years, people have associated hair loss in women with the aforementioned artist, or even Sigourney Weaver in one of the Alien movies. But these actresses chose to be bald. They chose to shave their heads to give themselves that distinct look.

Sadly, hair loss in women is something that is not born out of choice. Often, it just happens. And often, it’s something that women would rather not endure.

The common reasons for hair loss in women are quite similar to the common reasons for hair loss in men. Stress, for example, has its way of blocking blood circulation to the follicles, thus resulting in slowing hair growth. The fact that women, especially those who are pursuing careers, have to contend with a variety of demands from home as well as the functions of their womanhood makes them more susceptible to tension than, say, the males of our specie.

Heredity also plays a big factor. Studies show that Alopecia can be transmitted through the genes we inherit from our ascendants. Hair loss in women is more prevalent with females coming from families that gave a history of baldness.

But perhaps, the most common reason for hair loss in women is the strain that a female’s hair is made to endure because of cosmetic practices. Hairstyling, which includes frequently drying one’s hair to suit certain fashion conventions, can add so much stress to the follicles. Additionally, the chemicals that the said follicles are exposed to can also cause a lot of damage. These chemicals are made necessary by hairdressing processes that have been deeply integrated in a woman’s fashion regimen. Coupled with environmental factors like overexposure to sun, and the scalp is further subjected to other conditions detrimental to the hair’s healthy growth.

Indeed, hair loss in women is never a choice. Unlike pop stars and movie actresses who could claim baldness as a symbol of distinction, ordinary folks like you and me cannot use such an excuse. In a society that puts a premium on beauty, healthy hair is one of the most primary concerns for any individual, more so a woman who has always personified all that is beautiful in the world.