Hair Loss Prevention and Cure

Published on 09.12.2021 in Hair Loss

It is taught in school, it is taught on TV, it is taught in books. You’ve heard about it so many times that it has probably taken the level of a clich�. But it’s a clich� because it’s true, and its constant repetition is just a proof of its veracity. Were talking about the following maxim:

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

On the subject of hair loss prevention, diligence and knowledge on proper hair care play important roles in avoiding Alopecia. Granted that not all causes of hair loss are within our control, a good majority of the leading reasons for such a condition can be evaded through the correct of the correct regimens in caring for our scalp.

They may be difficult at times. They may demand a lot of things from us. They may even try our patience. But as the maxim above shows, hair loss prevention is always better than searching for hair loss cures.

So what are the proper steps for hair loss prevention, you might ask? Below are the basics which you should strive to practice regularly.

– Au naturale is the way to go. Avoid putting too much chemicals on your hair. There are special occasions that demand special hairstyling, of course, but try not to employ this everyday. Hair will grow healthy quite naturally. If you stick with the basics, you’ll have a healthier scalp.

– Speaking of your scalp, make sure that you’ll be able to give it a massage from time to time. The best way to do this is while taking a shower. While shampooing your hair, make sure that you’ll give your scalp some good kneading and rubbing, to stimulate the follicles and promote sound hair growth.

– A good hair loss prevention technique is supplementing your diet with the vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Vitamin B6, vitamin E, biotin, amino acids and zinc are essential components for the continual stimulation of the hair follicles. Being able to acquire a daily recommended dosage of these vitamins and nutrients will help you correct any hormonal imbalance that could potentially damage your hair. And since heredity is one of the leading causes of hair loss, balancing your hormones would also ensure that your descendants won’t have to suffer the curse of Alopecia.

These are easy, easy steps for hair loss prevention, but they would require some commitment from you. To keep yourself motivated, always remember the fact that no one is spared from the potential of hair loss. Doing something about it today will ensure that your hair will always remain on top, figuratively and literally speaking.

Hair Loss Cure

Hair loss has previously been considered as incurable. Many have come to accept that baldness is a gift (or curse) of heredity, and a handing of fate. Once you start losing hair, it would be better to open yourself to the prospects of baldness.

Recent advancements, however, have provided some verifiable hair loss cures for the many people who find themselves suffering from disappearing hair follicles.

The first of these cures to be made available to the market is Propecia. Propecia is the first pill that was approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). It is made of Finasteride which converts testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is the hormone responsible for stimulating hair growth. Unfortunately, since Finasteride works with testosterone, Propecia is only effective for males.

Minoxidil, which was previously a drug used against hypertension, has been discovered to contain properties that open up the potassium channels in the hair follicles, hence stimulating hair growth. It has since been packaged under the name of Rogaine.

There are more recent discoveries, as well. Tricomin, for example, is a non-drug alternative that makes use of copper to invigorate the regeneration of the hair follicles. Dutasteride is a commercially distributed medication that inhibits the known causes of Alopecia. However, Dutasteride is also known to be a strong trigger for a variety of allergies.

Hair loss cures may abound, but not every offering would be best for us. They are as varied as our preferences and our needs. But there is a universal cure for Alopecia that would not cost you a single cent.

It’s called confidence.

And this confidence should come from an earnest belief that who you are and what you could be are not determined by your hairstyle. They will be determined by your heart.