Hair Loss Products

Published on 09.12.2021 in Hair Loss

Once the prospect of losing hair becomes a “very real” reality, most men would rather shave their heads and embrace the beauty in voluntary baldness. But deep inside, most of them would miss the times when they had proud, thick hair to style and display for the entire world to see. We’re living in a world where premium is still placed on beauty, and one’s hair remains the crowning glory of his being, in an aesthetic sense at least.

The same goes for women as well, though there are less cases of Alopecia among females.

Nonetheless, people situated as such have always been on the lookout for that one hair loss product that would become their salvation from a potential lifetime of a hairless existence. Does one exist? Is there a real anti-Alopecia cure that is more than just hype? Can hair loss be remedied through external means?

The answer to these questions would depend on the particular situation that is sought to be corrected. Hair loss is caused by a lot of factors, hence, there is no universal hair loss product that could actually be recommended.

If one’s experience with Alopecia is caused by heredity, for example, then hormonal imbalance is most probably the culprit of the same. Hormonal levels are passed to the next generation, after all, and until the same is corrected, a vicious cycle would ensue without fail. The best hair loss product for such a condition is Propecia. Propecia is the first anti-Alopecia pill that was approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). It contains Finasteride that is meant to balance the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level in the body. DHT is tagged as the testosterone that causes hormonal imbalance, which in turn leads to the deterioration of the hair follicles.

If one’s hair loss is caused by stress or as a consequence of other ailments, then Minoxidil may be the hair loss product perfect for such a situation. Minoxidil opens up the potassium channels, and potassium is known to be a great stimulant for the hair follicles. Minoxidil is also an anti-hypertension medication which would help ward off the ill effects of stress, hair loss included. If you will find a difficult time in your search for Minoxidil, you could try looking for its other label, Rogaine.

Indeed, the first step in looking for a remedy to combat hair loss is to know the cause of such a condition. Then and only then can you find the appropriate cure.