Hair Loss Solutions

Published on 09.12.2021 in Hair Loss

When my brother started losing hair, he panicked. He searched the internet, bought a lot of related magazines, browsed through relevant books at the bookstore. He did everything – EVERYTHING – save for asking other people about his problem. He felt embarrassed, you see. He didn’t want anyone to know about his creeping baldness. He felt that he could find a hair loss solution by himself, and he didn’t need to tell people about it… not his family members, not his closest friends.

He tuned in to those infomercials on TV. Yup! He did some home shopping, and ordered a variety of products, like chemical sprays and horse shampoos. He hoped that one of them would make his hair grow back.

Suffice to say, he gave up on home TV shopping after a few weeks.

Distraught, my brother approached me for some advice, something he has become used to ever since we were kids. I tried to console him by reminding him that hair does not dictate the worth of a person… his heart does. That didn’t help much, of course. He still wanted his hair back, and admittedly, I’m no expert when it comes to suggesting hair loss solution.

But knowing that I stood by his side during those trying times helped him cope up with his then emerging problem. Together, we tried to scour every available resource for a cure to his problems. There were times when we thought we stumbled on something rewarding, only to have our hearts crushed by the failure of such an option.

With our floundering hopes, we decided to consult with a real hair expert. The hair loss solution that the said expert provided us with was something we never considered before, and something we would never have considered if we continued with our blind search for a cure.

“Notice how baldness was never a big problem before the 20th century?” I remember him asking. “It’s because nature, by itself, has its way of taking care of our bodies.”

He did make sense, and my brother agreed. We followed his advice, and sought out some herbal cures. We tried shampoos imbued with vitamins B6 and B12. We formulated a diet that was rich with potassium, zinc, biotins, certain amino acids, and other bio-nutrients. We tried to limit my brother’s intake of vitamins A and E, supplementing his diet with nothing more than the daily recommended allowance. My brother massaged his scalp regularly with warm water.

And lo and behold! In just 2 short months, his hair loss dwindled.

We look back at those times with laughter now. It was quite amusing to think that we scampered for a hair loss solution, when all the hair loss remedy we ever needed was well within our reach.